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The proper and effective conversion of PSD to WordPress is a primary concern for serious bloggers and webmasters nowadays. The Internet practically created a global network where people from all parts of the world can make their voices heard and express their opinions on issues that matter – particularly through blogging.

In order to guide bloggers in designing their WordPress blogs, the following are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to converting .PSD files to WordPress templates.


1) Orient yourself with the different types of software you’ll used. 
Before anything else, it is important that you orient yourself with the types of software you’ll use. Some of the most common software used in designing .PSD files includes Adobe Photoshop and GIMP while when it comes to converting .PSD files to WordPress templates, using a psd to wordpress conversion company is recommended.

2) Review your.PSD files before proceeding to the conversion process

You should also review your .PSD files before proceeding to the actual conversion process – failure to do so might result into dismal consequences.

3) Test your template; gather feedback from friends, relatives and fellow bloggers

It is also important that you gather feedback regarding how the template looks so that you can edit out parts which aren’t that too pleasing.


1) Upload a WordPress template that misleads your readers

Don’t ever upload a WordPress template that is misleading – an excellent WordPress template is one that describes your blog and its contents.

2) Upload a WordPress template that is too colorful – theme your template

Too much color is actually irritating; plus the fewer colors you use, the more professional it will look.

3) Design a WordPress template if you don’t know how to


If you really don’t have an idea about Adobe Photoshop and similar software, then face it. Don’t try too hard. Needless to say, there are a lot of online companies out there that provide such conversion services.

When converting PSD to WordPress, it is essential that you have an idea regarding the common techniques as well as common mistakes in order to effectively create a customized template for your WordPress blog.